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affordable moon rocks weed for sale  Top shelf flower, soaked in premium wax mixed with solventless distillate and layered with golden kief.

Topshelf is known for its high quality and affordable marijuana strains. We respect your privacy that is why we offer discreet shipping to your location at a very minimum or no cost depending on the quantity purchased. Order from our shop now and join the list of our happy customers.




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8 reviews for Buy Moon Rocks online

  1. Fuaral

    Honestly not much I have to say. This is proper cheese. Grown very well. Cured and dried perfectly which is most important. Smells amazing and after buying it twice now it doesn’t disappoint. Huge nugs like quarter oz nugs. Seriously recommend this strain and I am very choosy about what I smoke in terms of quality

  2. MrFiji1988

    i love this strain, it’s so floral, great smell to it for sure. Nice big nuggets, and is very potent!

    This is my second order of UK! And I will keep coming back for more

  3. Yvanmfortin@

    WOW!!!!….That Purple Skunk is gone. My favorite from the mix & Match. Figures, Your sold out Scoop more up next time. Thanks BMWO just the same. CHEERS!!

  4. Smurphy64

    KattK (verified owner) – May 22, 2020

    I bought this feeling hopeful it would be similar to the elusive chocolate fondue which seems to be rare to find…and knowing that fondue is cheese based… was a letdown, but probably due to finding other stronger and better varieties in the meantime. Good high, nice taste, an energetic high…had me wanting to do THINGS.

  5. [email protected]

    Really pungent cheese smell and fairly dense buds. Smokes and tastes really good. Really strong buzz will get again.

  6. camdenlys

    Good hazey, but focused, high. Kept me drawing for hours and little to no anxiety which is important to me.
    Love the cheese, good buds.

  7. vitalityzero

    This is everything you want in a hybrid, Nice relaxing effects without putting you in the couch or in the fridge for the day I’d recommend this for patients that need pain relief during the day, but dont want the side effects most heavy indica strains give, seriously the sample i got was in the top 10 nicest flowers i’ve seen to date… 11/10 would smoke again

  8. Badhabbits98

    I ordered
    La confidential
    Tuna rock star
    Chocolate kush
    Never disappointed with the strains ive bought from BMWO so far my favorite is the tuna rock star knocks me on my ass just what i need after a long day at work hahah 🤜

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