Baked Fudge Brownie Candy

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2 reviews for Baked Fudge Brownie Candy

  1. Brayan

    The name on the package says it all!! “Death Bubba”
    From the minute I opened it I knew from the smell it would be my favourite bedtime snack!
    Smells great and smokes great.
    Helps put me to sleep, wouldn’t recommend smoking it in the morning if you have things to do

  2. Adams Marck

    The smell right out of the bag is a very pungent bubba kush smell, very earthy with hints of spice almost musty like. Very intoxicating. Buds very dense with tons of purple hues very fresh but cured well. Very concentrated flavor of bubba kush.

    Ive only vaporized this strain an let me tell you it almost hurts to smoke this.. (taking massive tokes of course) its so strong the vapor completely coats your lungs with a very very potent oil. You will cough like crazy with this one, but it is well worth it!

    Once the high settles in (vapor takes time) you’re stuck in a trance, the only weed to ever really couch lock me dumb lol please do not go outside after smoking this haha Only need one hit for the most veteran smoker out there, I promise; all I smoke is bubba kush c:

    A most have strain, possibly the strongest dope ive ever smoked, you wont feel any muscle soreness, and your forehead to your knees will be numb with enough death bubba. I will be ordering again whenever available , my new #1 <3c:
    (vapexhale cloud EVO used for this review)

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